So, like I said I’ve been been rolling a dwarf…and I have to say the alliance zones are awesome! Goldshire is a far cry from Razor Hill. That being said, you just don’t see the kind of nostalgia alliance players get from Goldshire as the horde players get when they first encounter Razor Hill.. It is desolate sparse and so far removed from any of the horde starting areas. [Compared to Goldshire from SW and the Abbey]

I may decide to roll a human but I’m worried i might get preoccupied with hanging out in Goldshire all the time. I’m also working on getting my wife to play wow with me as well. Humans seem to be the most viable option because of the close proximity to a Major city. Also I think starting her out as a Human will be the easiest to transition her to liking fantasy games because lets face it humans are basic bruh!!

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