The dwarf race in World of Warcraft are pretty decent. I’m 6’5 and about 300lbs. Im a pretty sturdy dude haha but playing a dwarf has given me “angry little man syndrome” (haha) It has been a wild ride playing in classic WoW the deaths are more infuriating no doubt! However, the serene snow capped mountains help quell the raging fire of being killed due to a random mob pat.

I’m playing a priest so it is a different world from the melee onslaught I’m all about with my Troll DK named Shockazulu! That being said, it’s nice to be able to heal yourself when you take damage (besides spamming heartstrike). The down side is that cloth armor repair ITS KILLING ME lol !!

I’m really enjoying my self and the change of pace that the new faction and race have to offer in classic wow. I LOVE IT!!!

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